How to Set up a 12 Days of Christmas Sale

How to Set up a 12 Days of Christmas Sale

With Thanksgiving and the ensuing madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday over, it’s time to start thinking about your holiday promotions leading up to Christmas.

What could be better than a 12 Days of Christmas sale?

And while your customers may not be looking for turtledoves or a partridge in a pear tree, they’re definitely looking for gifts. Lots and lots of gifts!

A 12 Days of Christmas sale unveils a new surprise sale item each day. It builds excitement and anticipation and gives potential gift buyers a reason to visit your shop each day.

Read on to learn how to set up your very own sale for your most profitable holiday season yet!

Step 1: Pick 12 specific items.

Consider choosing your must popular or lucrative items. You can get a good idea for what these products are by visiting your ‘Top products by units sold’ section in your Shopify Analytics Dashboard.

Step 2: Determine a one-day-only sale price for each item

Choose a percent off or a discounted price. As it’s only one item, I recommend picking a defined price point.

Step 3: Change the product’s price or generate a coupon code

Option 1: Change the product’s price

If you choose to change the product price on the day of the sale, you’ll have to go in and manually update this each morning. The bonus is that the product will be automatically be discounted and this will be displayed on the product page.

Christmas discounted item on Shopify

Option 2: Generate coupon code

Coupons codes will take a little more time to set up and manage but give the option of more creative discounts. For example, you can run a Buy X Get Y discount or schedule discounts in advance.

Feel free to combine both of these discount methods during your 12 days of sales.

Step 4: Create a landing page to promote the event on your site

This will help to build excitement before it starts and let customers know what to expect. A good landing page will also work to generate leads. Consider adding a form to collect customer email addresses and create an email marketing campaign to remind them of daily deals. Other information to include could be:

  • Starting date
  • When the sale starts each day (midnight? 8am?)
  • Hint which products or categories will be featured
  • Discount or savings they can expect
  • Social media links

You could also just include a banner promoting the deal on your homepage if you’re under a time crunch. Ideally, this banner would lead to the landing page describing the promotion.

[Source: Photobookworldwide]

If your theme has an option for an Announcement Bar, be sure to utilize this during your sale. Update it with daily deals or just remind customers of the sale.

customize announcement bar in Shopify editor

Step 4: Create graphics to share on social media

Canva is my go-to design tool for creating these kinds of graphics.

Step 5: Promote! Promote! Promote!

Begin to promote even 2-3 weeks in advance of start date. If you already have an email list, send an announcement to your current subscribers. Let your followers on social media know about the event and link to it in blog posts.

Step 6: Make a daily to-do list to keep yourself on track

A social media calendar will come in especially handy this time of year. Be sure to include what you’ll share each day with any necessary graphics, coupon codes, shop links, etc. Schedule your emails ahead of time to automatically send each day. Last, but not least, create reminders for updating pricing and activating coupon codes.

You’re now ready for an awesome Christmas sale!

Be sure to reward all your hard work with some spiked eggnog by the fire. You deserve it!

Will you be trying the 12 Days of Christmas sale or another holiday-themed sale this year? Comment below with your favorite holiday sale ideas.

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