6 Black Friday Ideas for Small Businesses

6 Black Friday Ideas for Small Businesses

It’s that time of year again! Two of the biggest shopping days for ecommerce businesses are quickly approaching: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As a Shopify merchant, these two days offer an unbeatable opportunity to bring in more customers and convert more sales. 

Many shoppers are choosing to shop online to take advantage of the special offers this weekend is known for but still want to support their local businesses. Take advantage of the biggest shopping season of the year by implementing these ideas in your online store so you’re ready to reap the rewards of the online shopper. 

1. Create a Landing Page

Most visitors who come to your site will land on the homepage or a product page. But did you know that visitors who land on a product page are more likely to bounce than those who land on a landing page?


Because landing pages are designed and optimized for conversion goals whereas product pages are more for informing. 

A Black Friday landing page can help to increase conversions and boost sales. Another bonus is that customers searching for “Black Friday” deals are more likely to find your store in search results, especially if you keep the page up year round and update it annually. 

Content on this page should be focused on visitors familiar with your brand but need that extra little nudge to encourage a sale. This can include:

  • Content around specific products and the solutions these products offer
  • Social proof to show who else bought the product and positive reviews
  • Sense of urgency or limited time offers (i.e. “Selling Fast”)
  • CTA that drives a purchase (i.e. “Buy Now”)

2. Countdown timer

There is nothing that kills a sale faster than customer hesitation. Prevent customers from thinking “maybe later” by encouraging them to take action immediately. How do you do that? By creating urgency! 

By adding a countdown timer to your promotions, you help your customers decide immediately, thus closing the sale right then and there. You can add a countdown timer in a few places:

  • Announcement bar - This will show on all pages of your store and remind the customer throughout their entire shopping experience.
  • Product page - A countdown timer can be added below the “Add to Cart” button to encourage customers to buy the product.
  • Landing page - A website banner timer to reveal when the actual sale will commence so people can plan ahead when to start online shopping. Consider adding a sign up form so they can receive reminders via email! 

3. Deal of the Day

As an online business, the Black Friday sales are generally extended into Cyber Monday. Keep your customers coming back every day by offering a Deal of the Day. 

In addition to your regular Black Friday sale, the Deal of the Day should be a special discount offering even more savings. For example, if you offer 20% off everything, then your Deal of the Day could be 50% off or higher or include a greater discount on a combination of products.

To market this on your store, add a new homepage banner for each day you’ll have a deal. Also be sure to promote your Deal of the Day on all social media platforms and to your email list. 

4. Free Gift with Purchase

Offering a free gift is a great way to reward your customers for making a purchase. You could include a free gift with every purchase or you can set minimums. For example, you could offer a free gift for orders over $50.

Gifts that are complimentary to your products will work best. If you sell beauty products, you can give away a free makeup brush or sponge. And if you sell outdoor gear, you might give away energy chews or small first aid kits. Mystery savings

5. Mystery Savings

Offer customers a special and fun discount with surprise savings! Gamification makes users more relaxed and more likely to engage with an exit pop-up. Shopify apps like Wheelio allow for fun options like spin the wheel, slot machine or scratch card games to earn a discount. 

6. Donate to a Charity

Thanksgiving Day is supposed to be about gratitude but the shopping season that follows is often associated with greed. Put a positive spin on Black Friday by giving to a good cause. This marketing idea can attract customers who aren’t persuaded by discounts and it can drive positive perceptions of your business. 

The Shop for Good Donation App makes giving money to charity a breeze. You can give discounts on an order when a customer adds a donation to their cart, round-up their cart total and donate the change, or donate a portion of your sales. Shoppers can even choose which charity their donation supports.

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