Development Day

Skip the queue for a one-day, focused intensive where my Shopify development skills are yours to use how you wish!

Book a Development Day

Done in a Day

Let's be honest. No one wants to wait around for their project to be finished and every client deserves VIP treatment.

With a development day, I work only with you. I won't be checking email or talking with other clients. You have my 100% focus so we can get your to-do list checked off quickly without the usual delays and back and forth communication.

Undivided Attention

No more multi-tasking and losing momentum! With a focused intensive, I can tackle your development tasks in record time.

Skip the Waiting List

You don't have time for the long waitlists of a good developer, but don't want to be stuck with someone who doesn't have a clue what they're doing. A Development Day gets you on the schedule sooner.

End of Day Delivery

You will be able to watch the transformation of your Shopify store right before your own eyes! I have 3+ years of experience focusing solely on Shopify theme modifications. You'll be amazed by what I can get done in a day!

"Erin has been a lifesaver! I needed someone to help enhance the functionality of my Shopify store and assist with backend technical challenges. She was a great collaborator and helped me achieve my vision. Erin took the time to create documents and videos to help me learn some of the processes that were developed - those have been a valuable resource and will continue to serve as a reference for me as I move forward. I felt like Erin was a member of my team - listening, problem-solving and collaborating. That was a great feeling since I'm a one-person show running my own small business. I'm very grateful!"

- Amy Hilmes | Happy DSM

How It Works

Book a Day

Send me an email from the form below. We'll choose a date for your website transformation where you are virtually available to provide feedback and be in close communication with me. Your date will be secured with your payment.

Let's Talk Strategy

A few days before your Development Day we will have a 30-minute strategy call to review your requests and answer any questions. I will be able to give you a good idea of the items I will likely be able to accomplish.

Development Day

Watch the changes take place to your site as I work quickly and efficiently to implement your wish list of changes. We will be communicating regularly throughout the day so that I can get your immediate feedback and there are no delays.

Day After / Support

I will provide any instructions or training videos as required for the changes I have made to your site. Your Development Day includes 30 days of post-intensive support relating to the work we accomplished.

What Can We Accomplish?


3.5 hours

Investment: $650

  • Update color scheme and fonts
  • Fix bugs or issues
  • Integrate an app
  • Add a special feature to your website such as an FAQ dropdown, a custom homepage section, product page upsells, etc
  • Design a new header or footer

7 hours

Investment: $1,200

  • Add multiple custom features
  • Update your store to the latest theme version
  • Create a custom template for products, blog, etc.
  • Design a new landing page
  • Reformat the layout of your store

Your On-Demand Developer


To get started, fill out the form below and let me know all about your project. I'll follow up with you within 48 business hours to confirm and book our special day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You'll have my full, undivided attention for 7 hours or 3.5 hours for a half-day. I tend to work from 8am - 4pm Central. I take a short 30-minute lunch break to walk my dog and get some fresh air. This does not count towards your time for the day.

Otherwise, the only thing on my schedule for that day will be your project and the only person I communicate with will be you via Google Hangouts.

You need to be virtually available throughout the day. Providing quick feedback will be the key to making the day a success. Our quick communication will prevent any unnecessary delays or wasted time.

Great question! Since this package is based on a set number of hours, there an no specific deliverables. Once you let me know your project details, I'll tell you how long I anticipate your project will take and what items I can likely complete.

I'll always do my best to start with the most complex tasks so that anything that doesn't get completed is either not a big deal or something you can finish on your own. I'm happy to book a separate development day with you to make any requested edits if you'd like additional or hands-on support.

Yes, I offer a 50% deposit to secure a spot in my calendar. The project must be paid in full on your development day.

Since I have a very limited number of spots for Development Days, there will not be any refunds given. If you absolutely can't make the Development Day timeframe then contact me to see about rebooking within 90 days.

I will be honest, this way of working is NOT for everyone. This is a sprint, not a marathon. If you believe ‘done is better than perfect’, like working at a quick pace, are decisive, can prioritise and are the type of person that does your homework, this process will work really well for you. If you are very detail oriented, need time to make decisions, like to try a variety of things before picking something this type of project isn’t for you.

At the moment, I do. However, smaller projects have longer timelines and you'll likely benefit more if you book your project through a Development Day.